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Kasane, located on the banks of the chobe River is the administrative centre of Chobe District as well as the gateway to Chobe National Park, one of Africa’s premiere game parks. Kasane is also a main debarkation point for Namibia’s Caprivi Strip, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Livingstone in Zambia which are conveniently nearby. It is just a few kilometres from where the Chobe River merges with the Zambezi which is also the point where the four nations of Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana meet.

Though a small town, Kasan is bustling with a number of garages, river lodges in the village, banks, shops and an international airport only 4 kilometres out of town. The entrance to the Chobe National Park from Kasane is through the Sedudu gate, south of the river.

The boundary between the park and the village is not fenced thus game like hippo and elephant can be seen wandering down the road and through the campsites.

Tourist Attractions

It is not unusual to see wild animals from the nearby and unfenced Chobe National Park like this warthog wandering close to the town centre. Visitors are cautioned to stay at a safe distance from these animals at all times.

  • Kasane Hot Springs – this natural mineral spa is famous for its warm and salty waters which are believed to have medicinal powers. The hot springs is also where a wildlife corridor between the villages of Kasane and Kazungula is located.
  • Sedudu Island – located on the Chobe River, it is a favoured spot for bird watching. It is also a favourite grazing ground for hippo, buffalo and elephant.
  • Seboba Water Rapids and Recreational Park – the rapids occur when the waters of the great Chobe River meet an undulating rock base that blocks the water’s way. There are several picnic sites provided and birdlife is excellent and can allow visitors to sight unusual species like the halfcollared kingfisher and the African finfoot.
  • The old hollow baobab tree – this popular baobab tree with its hollowed out centre is said to have been used as a local prison for many years in the early 20th century.
  • Kasane Forest Reserve – Lesoma valley offers night game drives, walking safaris and campsites.
  • Sundowner river cruises – something no visitor should miss. The cruises offer game viewing and photographic opportunities especially of buffalo and elephant.
  • Kasane is also ideal as a fishing safari destination. There is a wide variety of fish species to be found in the waterways including bream and tigerfish.

Travelers who wish to stay and enjoy the park will not run out of things to do. Many visitors opt to have a game drive in the morning then a boat cruise in the afternoon. an afternoon game drive is the best opportunity for elephant spotting. A day trip to the Victoria Falls, about 80 kilometres from Kasane can also be taken. The town boasts small shopping malls where visitors can find all basic commodities and enjoy the arts and crafts shops.

Vacation Guide

It is evident that Kasane is one of Botswana’s top tourist destinations. Safari Lodges and camp sites are built along the Chobe River banks thus offering splendid sunset views.  Shops and services in Kasane include clothing boutiques, banks, ATMs, internet cafes, grocery stores, gift stores, clinics and a hospital.

Some Precautions to Take in Kasane

Since the Chobe National Park is unfenced and animals roam freely, seeing monkeys, warthog and elephants close to the town centre is really common. Visitors are discouraged from being too close to and feeding any animals as these are all potentially dangerous.

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